In this ever-growing world of mobile phone market with their advancement in technologies, the one thing that hasn’t improved till now is the battery life of these phones. Smartphones having 12GB of RAM space, high-speed processors, incredible storage have enhanced the ways we interact with these devices, but we often prefer a phone with longer battery life with all these features. Let us look at some of the upcoming innovations in terms of the battery life of smartphones that will be no less than a magic in the future.

  • Graphene Batteries: Graphene batteries are the most awaited technology any Smartphone user could have wished for. The battery will get full-charged in a few minutes. It charges 33 times faster than the traditional lithium-ion battery. These batteries can last for weeks on a single charge. Graphene will be as light as paper and will help in the phenomenal decrease in the overall weight of the device. Researchers at Samsung Technologies claimed that they will include Graphene battery to make their products better, therefore, it will result in faster charging of just 12 minutes rather than an hour which will also prevent overheating of the device.
  • Foam Batteries: A company, Prieto, believes that the future of batteries is 3D. The company is using a form of copper foam substrate technology in its battery. The batteries, as the company claims, will not just be safer, given the flammable electrolyte embedded, but will also last longer. They will support fast charging and will have five times higher density and will be cheaper and smaller than the existing ones available. The company is planning to design its unique battery to be used in smart wearables as well as mobile devices.
  • Gold Nanowire Batteries: A branch of study at the University of California, Irvine, has designed technology of nanowire batteries which can stand unaffected despite being charged and discharged continuously. By using the claimed technology, they did not detect any loss of nano-cell capacity after testing thousands of times in three months and that too without any breakage. Their technology will help in fixing the problem of traditional batteries which contain liquid and are extremely combustible and highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and it will make the battery much lighter in the absence of the liquid content.
  • Transparent Solar Charging Batteries: The transparent solar charging panel is designed by Alcatel which will be placed over the screen and hence could be charged by simply placing the device under the sun. The technology, however, is not available in any of the devices yet, but the company hopes to solve the problem of not having enough power in some ways.

To put it in a nutshell, all these upcoming technologies will drastically increase the battery life and performance of our smartphone devices and also make life a lot easier for its users.