Coronavirus Pandemic – social distancing making us more connected than ever through technology.

Coronavirus pandemic - social distancing making us more connected than ever through technology

Coronavirus pandemic has hit hard and caused a lot of havoc. If we were to talk about a thin silver lining in this crisis, it may be that we all have been compelled to use the internet as it was meant to be – to connect with one another, share information, discuss problems and collectively come up with solutions. We are seeing less of trolling and more of relevant information being posted on social media platforms. Fake news breeds in times like these, but there seems to be some control over that too. There are groups and individuals who are holding online workshops, contests, quizzes to save people from the inevitable boredom. Also, Sofyx is enabling retailers across many Indian states to stay connected within their community through the social feature of the this app. 

We have been presented with an opportunity to make the best use of time and leverage the technology to the fullest. If you ever wanted to set up your blog, this is your chance. You have all the time in your hand to think over the ideas. You can also use this time to build your audience as the traffic is more and there are people looking out to get informed and entertained. 

There’s another aspect worth n oticing here. Companies and institutions are either adopting or advancing their technology to find newer ways to work. Supreme court of India has switched to video conferencing to hear cases. High courts in various states are also following the same path to curb the outbreak. Existing online businesses are also optimizing their technology to accommodate the sudden increase in the online traffic. Companies, even the state-owned ones, where one couldn’t work from home, are now installing technology to facilitate that. 

We are being forced to progress in a way. The social media seems to have improved and while we can’t really substitute in-person interaction, technology is acting as a bridge across physical distances.