Did you know about these 4 hidden features of your iOS/Android device? (Part 1: Android)

4 hidden features of your iOS/Android device

Among some popular debating topics, Android vs. iOS finds itself at the top of the list. Users are familiar with their platforms enough to argue with the other party as to why their operating system is the best. But it turns out there are a few concealed features, which even some of the die-hard Android and iPhone users might not know about. In this week’s article, we will check out these hidden features of Android phones.

Google Assistant

You know your Google Assistant is no less than Siri when it comes to performing tasks. In addition to scanning famous buildings, fruits, it also translates text from the paper in real-time. It even lets you edit the text in a picture, which makes the search more specific.

Switching Tabs

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. Not many know that on Android devices, switching between the tabs in Chrome can be done a lot faster than how people usually do it. All you need to do is to swipe left/right on the address bar.

Augmented Reality

Let’s talk augmented reality. How many times do we wish to see an animal’s picture in a more detailed form than how it usually gets presented on our phone screens? Google saves you from straining your brains over it. On an Android device, Google lets the user visualize them to scale in the world around it.

Google Assistant identifying songs

We can’t really get enough of Google Assistant, can we? The Google Assistant can also identify what song is getting played. So, Shazam what?

How many of these did you know and do you still consider yourself as a know-it-all Android user or is there more to this platform than meets the eye?

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