Did you know about these 4 hidden features of your iOS/Android device? (Part 2: iOS)

4 Hidden features of Android and iOS

While there is no clear winner in a debate between the two operating systems – iOS and Android, there are some hidden features that even some of the most loyal users of the platform are not aware of. In the last article, we unveiled some of the hidden features of Android devices. Now it’s time for iOS fans to brace themselves and see how many of the following concealed features of their iPhone do they know about.

There’s more to ‘SEARCH’

1. Search – Did you know that you can perform various simple mathematical calculations on your iPhone even without having to open the calculator?

Search is the most common functionality used on any device. On an iPhone, simply swiping down on the home screen gives you the option of searching. Apart from the normal app search, you can perform simple calculations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication etc. You can also track flights and have the details displayed on your home screen by simply entering the flight number in the search bar.


2. Reachability – The newer iPhones started coming with a feature that has enhanced the user’s reachability with one hand. Swiping down at the bottom of the home screen makes the apps on the top more reachable. It is a smart feature and very easy to enable.

Hidden Trackpad

3. Hidden trackpad – While typing something on your phone, you can turn your keyboard into a trackpad. By holding the space button, you can move to any place on the screen by hovering over the keyboard-turned-trackpad.

There’s a lot more in iPhone Calculator

4. Calculator – How many times did you have to clear everything on the calculator screen when all you meant was to delete one digit?

Well iOS calculator might not be as good as the android one but to this particular problem, there is a solution. All you need to do is to swipe right or left on the black screen. It will act as a backspace option which will delete digit by digit rather than clearing out everything.

One thing that is inarguably better in an iPhone is its usability, which only gets enhanced when the user is aware of these features. So next time on a debate with an Android user, you can use these hidden features to score some extra points there.

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