Foldable, Wrap around, Flip – flexible display phones cartwheeling into the future.

Foldable phones, flexible displays, flips unfolding future

Since last year we are seeing companies, which were treading slowly, taking big leaps in technology now. “To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks.” With this thought, companies like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola launched phones that showed the world that they are still capable of bringing ‘something new’ in the industry.

Samsung knew Galaxy Fold was going to be a hard sell, but they surely were not ready for the embarrassing failures that followed after the review units were out. Passing through these bleak times, Samsung finally released the phone after a delay of almost half a year. The phone performed good, in fact beyond expectations. Being the first foldable phone in India, despite its high price, all the pre-orders were booked within minutes. We won’t say it’s a perfect phone, but it surely is the bridge to future.

After the success of Galaxy Fold, company launched another foldable – Galaxy Z Flip. Whether it’s “the future changes shape” or “the full screen that fits in your pocket”, the company has hit bull’s eye in marketing the uniqueness of these phones. Samsung is not sprinting alone in this race. It’s been closely chased by companies like Huawei and Motorola. Huawei launched its foldable phone, Huawei Mate X with Samsung Galaxy Fold and the all new Moto Razr dropped around the same time as Z Flip.

If we are talking about the big risk-taking companies, how can we leave Xiaomi out of this list. Xiaomi is launching its “concept phone”, Mi MIX Alpha. The phone comes with a wrap-around display. Its 180% screen-to-body ratio is truly revolutionizing. With its budget phones, Xiaomi has always been focused on sales. But, shifting focus over to luxury end proves that the company is not afraid to test itself in more technologically advanced direction.

The world’s topmost smartphones companies are divided into two distinct categories – first has the companies that have found their niche and are moving further with little to no innovations at all and second, that are ready to take off from their comfortable spot and try new things. These are the companies that are taking risks with launching phones which showus glimpses of the future.

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