Upcoming mobile phones of September 2020.

Upcoming mobile phones of September 2020.

There wasn’t much action in the mobile phone industry this month but looks like September is going to compensate for it. From market leaders making multiple launches to certain companies making a comeback, the coming month seems all booked for a number of phone launches. 

  • Oppo F17/F17 Pro 

Speculated to be launching in the first week of September, this phone from the popular Oppo F series is touted to be the sleekest phone of this year. The camera is also going to be at par with what is expected of an Oppo phone. Oppo F17 and F17 Pro are going to be offline-centric phones and will join the league of premium mid-rangers.

  • Samsung M51 

Samsung by launching at least 5 phones induced excitement in the otherwise dull August. The upcoming Samsung M51 will most probably launch in the first week of September. It will be a mid-ranger with multiple rear cameras and a hole-punch display design. The USP of M51 is going to be its 7000 mAh battery. Amazon has already posted a teaser for the same, indicating the upcoming launch. S20 FE (fan edition), a lighter version of S20, is also rumored to get launched in September. 

  • Vivo Y20/Y20 i 

Vivo Y20 and Y20 i are going to be budget phones priced at around Rs 10,000. These phones from Vivo will be for the offline market. With a snapdragon 460 chipset, Vivo Y20 might not be the best phone in the range. 

  • Micromax

Micromax, an Indian phone company, is making a comeback in the market. Company has said that it will launch 20 smartphones in the next fiscal year. By launching the first two of the lot in September, company is bracing itself for their second innings. 

All we want from companies like Micromax is to focus on the successful trends of the market like aggressive pricing and original design and create a stir in the Indian phone market, which is currently dominated by Chinese companies.