Wireless Earphones – Untethering its way to the future.

Best wireless Earphone buds in the market

Wires in one way or another create hindrance to our listening experience. Let’s face it, nobody likes to be tethered to their devices nor does anyone have time to untangle the earphone wires before answering an urgent call. In reality, we start noticing problems only after we get acquainted to a better version of the current avatar. So, wired earphones wouldn’t have bothered us this much if it wasn’t for companies to create needs for a better alternative – Wireless Earphones.

Wireless has improved the experience over the wired ones in a lot of ways such as – advanced active noise-cancelling technology, superior quality, fitness tracker to ditch the screen, more comfortable wearing experience, better connectivity, convenience and freedom of maintaining a considerable distance from your device and still staying connected etc. 

A lot of phone companies have started producing their own wireless earphone sets so as a result, the competition among these companies is not just limited to smartphones but has extensively invaded other spaces like this one as well. Apple’s AirPods, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, Amazon’s Echo Buds, and the newly launched OnePlus Buds are just to name a few. Even audio equipment companies like Bose, Boat, JBL couldn’t hold themselves back from producing their own wireless sets. 

In addition to more and more companies producing wireless earpieces, they have also started minimising the compatibility of devices to the wired ones. Earphones are becoming obsolete by the day and we are being pushed by the companies to adapt this new piece or should we say ‘pieces’ of technology.