4 important lessons we learnt while living in quarantine.

Coronavirus Pandemic taught us a few lessons while in quarantine

When has it happened that the whole nation is shut down for more than a day, let alone 21 days? Expecting the unexpected does not come easy. For the past few months, we are seeing how nations are trying their best to curb the coronavirus pandemic and elude the crisis as much as possible. Countries are in a lockdown, decisions are being taken in a jiffy and what is expected of all of us is to stay at home. While doing so who would have thought that so much could be learnt by staying within the four walls of a house. Let’s see the things that we have learnt in quarantine. 

  • Living a hygienic life is not difficult – One common practice that we all are advised to follow to avoid the coronavirus contamination is to wash our hands regularly and not touch our faces. These aren’t difficult to adopt and one should be following them even when there is no virus threat looming over us.
  • Planet regenerates quickly – What difference would my turning the light off or closing the tap make? In future, whenever we find ourselves asking this question, just remember these days of lockdown and how quickly had the nature rejuvenated. Cities where pollution level going from worse to very bad was considered good, is in fact falling in good category. If we all do our bit, viruses like these can be controlled and cities can be made worth living again. 
  • Somethings should be taken seriously – Coronavirus took over some developed countries with the best healthcare system. Part of the problem was things not being taken seriously right at the outset. These countries would have never thought that they would become the centre of this pandemic. Sometimes the decisions you take to control a crisis are more important than the resources you have to elude it. 
  • Importance of certain services – The services like those of plumbers, electricians, sweepers, cleaners, which many of us used to consider trivial are not available to us now. Sometimes we forget how important these jobs are and now their absence has made us realise that. No job is too big or too small. By always remembering their importance in our lives, we can  respect them all alike.