These distinctive attributes bring uniqueness to your application. Check them out!

stay in the loop

Feed is where you find ongoing news, announcements and other key information. The banners on top can be a great place to highlight certain videos, announcements or give a shout-out. They are also a great place to earn some advertisement revenue. Get notified for every update on the app.

tap your talent

This area is for the community members to display their talents. Information can be displayed in various formats across different categories. The tab can also be repurposed to run engagement contests periodically.

test your knowledge

Quiz functionality makes learning a fun process where members can self-evaluate on different topics. You can also run contests with great prizes to keep the members engaged using this feature.

stay in control

This web portal allows the admin to control different functions on the app. From assigning member access control permissions to approving content posted by members to taking action on the reported content, you can manage it all here.

let's know you better

Users can build their elaborate profiles in the Edit Profile section. They can add their hobbies, personal information and even their social media handles. This feature enables users to know each other better and thus form a close-knit community.

meet digital directory

Sofyx Connect helps you build your directory of members and in just one click you can search the Directory by location. This is a great feature where members can discover and connect with one another.

be together • stay together

Be it gossip or some work related matter, you can discuss it publicly or keep it private

form your inner circle

Members can create Private or Public groups focused on certain topics or interests or be a part of other’s created groups. This way the app lets you bring people with a common interest together and share information. So socialise, debate and form your own inner circle within the app.

let your opinion count

Taking feedback was never easier than this. Surveys/polls will let members share their opinions on a topic and see what the general public’s perspective is on the same. It gives you real time feedback and keeps your community engaged.