5G loading……….

Wondering how long it takes to download a movie on a 5G network? Only as long as you took to read the sentence!

Experts believe that 5G could be exponentially faster than what is currently available by a factor of 10 to 100. (1GB/s) USA, China and South Korea lead the race for 5G and it will be exciting to see who downloads the ultra fast mobility first.

However, 5G will be facing obstacles in the coming years. The challenges would be the availability of 5G ready smartphones and their affordability. LG and Samsung showcased their 5G phones at the MWC 2019, choices of phones remain yet limited. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 5G variant would be priced around $2000. Huawei’s Mate X has an 8-inch folding display ‘Falcon Wing’ with 5G compatibility would cost nearly $2600 launching mid-2019.

The other issue with 5G network will be the acceptability by the masses. Roll out in India will take at least 4 to 5 years, 5G is going to account for 4.6% of the total connections by 2025. 63% will still prefer the 4G network because cheaper data prices, better coverage, and wider smartphone availability.

So, while 5G promises exciting time to gamers and serious bandwidth users, the majority of the masses might stay away owing to cost consideration in the near future.